George Highfill Music


Mama You Can't Blame Me

Just Passing Thru 

George Highfill Cowboy Gospel

Release Date: 2018

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Blue Moon Cafe © Copyright - Lawton Jiles / Beam Records
Release Date: 2016

CD songlist

1. Blue Moon Cafe
2. I Need Some Time
3. Please Don't Wake Me
4. Watch Our Love Die Slow
5. Six Word Letter
6. Memories Live On
7. The Riverbed
8. Blackboard and the Palomino
9. I Want to Be Somebody's Somebody
10. Sweet Prairie Hay
11. That Old Song
12. Sieze the Wind
13. There's Light in Every House
14. There's Just the Smallest Chance

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The Music Born in Bakersfield Highfill is the title of George's 2006 CD,
produced by Pete Anderson and Jason Robbins. It is a traditional country CD that is a tribute to the Bakersfield sound.

CD songlist

1. The Music Born In Bakersfield
2. Hit the Dancefloor Dancin'
3. Red Satin Sheets
4. Turn For the Worst
5. Until You Let Me Down
6. Blue Collar Blues
7. Bought the Shoes That Just Walked Out On Me
8. Everything Is Ordinary(Until She Makes My Day)
9. Whole Lot, Whole Lotta Lovin' For You
10. Sweet Prairie Hay

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George Arlis Highfill is the title of George's 2002 CD,
produced by Church Street Records, * songs written by George Highfill

CD songlist

1. Waitin' Up*
2. Mama You Can't Blame Me*
3. Lone Star in Texas
4. Oklahoma's Home To Me*

5. Delicate Hands*
6. Whatever Happened*
7. The Right One This Time*

8. Good, Good News*
9. I'll Be There
10. Too Lazy to Move*
11. Is There A Place (Where Old Feelings Go)
12. Don't Blame Me*

13. Curtain Hangin' Mood*
14. The Closest Thing to Perfection*
(Painted Lady)
15. Just Passin' Through*

© 1992 & 1999 Church Street Records. All Rights Reserved.

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George Highfill - Waitin' Up is a 1987 promotional LP album, produced by Pete Anderson, on Warner Bros. Records.

Album songlist

1. Waitin' Up
2. The Brand New Mister Me
3. Billfold Size
4. Mad Money
5. My Sweet Love Ain't Around
6. Happy You
7. West Texas
8. Still Tryin'
9. Knockin' at My Door
10. Nickels and Dimes

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